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Richard Bona

The Way to Pay All Day | Cardholder

The Way to Pay All Day | Cardholder

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Ethically sourced sustainable full grain leather cardholder. 3 pockets to store your cards and IDs.

Standard size: 4.25” long by 3.5” wide.

Handcrafted with love in Lombok, Indonesia.

Crazy Horse finish achieved to give a more classic vintage look. Top quality full-grain leather is sanded down and treated with a specialty wax that is rubbed by hand into the straps to provide a softer, more natural look. This treatment is also proven to strengthen the leather.

Tips for leather care:

  1. Use only a soft damp cotton cloth to clean so as not to damage the texture of the leather material. 
  2. Avoid direct contact with acidic substances such as alkaline, oil, minerals and other corrosive substances. 
  3. Avoid being exposed to hard and sharp objects directly or rubbing against these objects. 
  4. Store in a cool and dry place with good air circulation. Do not store crazy horse Leather in a damp location. 
  5. Use Leather Conditioner and Leather Balsam for leather care.

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