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White Gold Amulet Bracelet - Large

White Gold Amulet Bracelet - Large

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It is said that crystals choose and find their way to us. The Richard Bona X CONAMOUR crystal bracelets (Black Onyx, 18K Gold and Amethyst) have found you. They are available in two different sizes and yellow or white gold. 

Manifest your wishes with our handmade jewel accompanied by a sage ritual surprise. As you wear your amulet, you will be constantly reminded of your intention, giving it more strength. The energy of your amulet and the universe will be on your side, working the laws of attraction.

Black Onyx | A protective stone that repels negative energies, eases grief and helps us work on our own shadows.

Amethyst Stones | A mystical beauty known for its balancing effects and connection to the crown chakra, which makes it ideal for activating spiritual connection and increasing conscious awareness.

El Dorado (The Golden Bead) | Your Amuleto is made with 18K Gold from Colombia, as the legend has it, the lost city of gold, where it was used in sacred ceremonies to worship and connect to a higher power.

El Ritual | Included - a little piece of white sage; use it to smudge your amulet and your environment for cleansing and purifying as part of an activating ritual. 

Amuleto Bracelets were handcrafted with Colombian El Dorado gold by Miami-based artist Daniela Alvarez |  CONAMOUR.

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